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We provide a full range of site work materials for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. As a local company based in Auburn, AL, getting SCOOPS is easy and convenient for you. We can deliver it to you or load it on your truck or trailer. We ensure your satisfaction and provide you with quality materials so you can get the job done right.


Stone scoops can be available in both natural and man-made forms. It can also be broken down into a range of options and sizes that can fit any of your needs.


Whether you are filling in holes in your yard or need a base below a paver, sand is a quality material option. Its composition provides you with a practical material that will not easily decompose.


Composed of sand, silt, clay, and other organic matter, topsoil can range in thickness. Topsoil can function as an essential starter material for a variety of plant life.


Mulch SCOOPS can be available in different types and colors. Mulch is perfect for ground cover in flower beds, walkways, landscape beds, paths, gardens, and around trees. Very effective on weed control, erosion, and retaining moisture in the soil.

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